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A Summer Send-Off From Mrs. Erickson

Often at this time of year I find myself reflecting upon the journey we’ve shared together. Our academic year is officially over; summer has begun. God has once again blessed our school with a beautiful season of growth, learning, and community, and I’m thankful to all of our students and families who have remained dedicated to the mission and vision of Whitefish Christian Academy.


As many of you know, my daughter, Madison, graduated from 8th grade this year. She had been a WCA student since she began in Mrs. Morrison’s PreK class. The Academy and all of its faculty and staff over the years have had a profound impact on her life. That impact has been so evident to me lately. Her interests and her passions have increasingly gravitated toward those things that are good, beautiful and true. Not only has she become confident, well-rounded, and well-read, but she has also grown in fortitude, wisdom, and faith. I’m deeply grateful for the young lady she has become.


Though this is a very personal example of the enduring impact of an Academy education, it is representative of the many students who see their WCA course of study to its end. As we conclude another academic year and prepare to enjoy a beautiful Montana summer, let us remember the long-term impact that a classical Christian education has on our children. WCA equips its students with academic excellence, and perhaps more importantly, it fosters the inner character, virtues, and habits that will bless both them and others in a complex and ever-changing world.


It has been a pleasure partnering with you and your families this 2023/2024 school year. I wish all of you a safe and relaxing summer.


Yours in Christ,


Mrs. Rachel Erickson

Head of School


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