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The Bow and Arrow

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of thy youth.”

Psalm 127:4

You are familiar with the bow and arrow.

The bow consists of trained wood and string or gut; the arrow of wood, feather, and stone or metal. You also know that if the bow is weak, the arrow dull or crooked, or the feather faulted, the target will not be struck.

Each child is an arrow.

Parents are the bow, string, and feather.

God is the Archer.

Good parents straighten “the arrow” by their examples of goodness, sharpen the arrow with their words of wisdom, and to “feather” the arrow with balance so that, when it’s time to “nock” the arrow, bend the bow, and release the arrow, it will fly straight to the Archer’s target. May the strength of the Archer’s arm guide our children to where the bow has straightly aimed and, like a well crafted arrow, may our children fly straight and sharp to the point. May no ill wind alter their flight, no evil enemy deny their mark, that they may prove the arrow’s straightness and sharpness, the bow’s sturdiness and strength, and the Archer’s perfect eye and steady hand.


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