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Welcome, Dan Lard

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Our Academy is happy to welcome Dan Lard to its Board of Directors. Dan is father of two Academy students: Archie, who is in 2nd grade, and Violet, who is in Kindergarten. And he is husband to Cara, who attended Whitefish Christian Academy, and whose mother at one time served on our Board, too. Together Dan and Cara own and operate the well-known and well-loved Mum’s Flowers in downtown Whitefish.

Dan is a long-time Montanan. His mother and grandmother were both born at Kalispell Hospital. His great-grandmother was a teacher and homesteader outside of Polson, MT.

Following his childhood here in the valley, Dan joined the Navy, where he served for six years. On that experience he says this:

“I worked within the Naval Special Warfare community, assigned to SEAL Team Three. There, I was fortunate to work alongside some of the finest operators our country has produced, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters.

It was in the Navy, too, that Dan developed a love for reading. He states, “In the Navy I began to read, and it opened my mind to how and why we learn. Before that, I had what might be called the opposite of a good, formative education; I truly struggled to learn in our state’s public schools.”

It was that challenging childhood educational experience that motivated Dan, following his graduation from Seattle Pacific University, to pursue a better solution for his children. And to that, Dan says, “I’m happy to have found WCA. Our Academy’s classical model, centered on Christ, has given my kids a solid foundation upon which to build.”

To Dan, there are three principal reasons that set WCA apart. The first two include these:

· Our Vision: “Our students have Christ at the center of their education,” Dan says, “and they are learning to seek the true, the good and the beautiful.”

· Our Curriculum: “Our students are learning the true and lasting fundamentals, and they’re learning both how and why to think deeply,” Dan states. “Their breadth of understanding and their ability to communicate are noticeably higher than that of their peers.”

And lastly, Dan highlights our school culture as the third reason:

· Our Culture: “WCA is special,” Dan says, “In an increasingly transient world, there is a real sense of community for students and families alike.”

Thank you, Dan. Welcome to the Board.

Dan Lard, Board Member at Whitefish Christian Academy
Dan Lard, Board Member at Whitefish Christian Academy


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