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Welcome, Tony Ramsey

On a very recent Tuesday evening our Academy officially welcomed Tony Ramsey to its Board of Directors.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tony is a husband, father, and long-time entrepreneur. His three children, who have all now graduated high school, attended private Christian schools in the Los Angeles area.

To Tony, his children's Christian education was invaluable, for through that education they cultivated their minds and hearts in alignment with sound biblical principles. It was through that education, too, that they were encouraged to freely and wholly explore personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Tony has found that our Academy mirrors that same Christ-centered approach he cherished in his children’s schools. He states,

“In meeting Academy parents I’ve found they place great value in a rich and rigorous, God-centered education, just as I do and as I did when my children attended school. I’m eager therefore for the opportunity to further the Academy’s educational vision here in Whitefish and our greater Flathead Valley.”

It’s not the first time Tony has served on the Board of a Christian school. He did so in Los Angeles as well. There, as will be the case here, his chief contributions stemmed from his extensive business experience. Presently Tony is CEO of Plusnxt, an eDiscovery company, and prior to Plusnxt, Tony managed and invested in firms in the realms of litigation and real estate. Those experiences, in tandem with his intimate familiarity with Christian education, prepare Tony well for effective service at our school.

And it is indeed a service that Tony will be rendering; he has no children or relatives attending the Academy. Yet the opportunity to work with our Board excites Tony all the same, for he is quick to recall that timeless Proverb: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

That Proverb has proven true for Tony’s family, and he wishes it fulfilled in ours, too.


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