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What They'll Remember

Updated: Jun 10

Graduation is something like the end of a chapter book.  When you close it, often the whole story flashes like a blur before your eyes.

Our Academy graduates have just concluded a very long chapter book. Madison, Mason and Gage had been at the Academy since Pre-K and Kindergarten; Noah joined them in 6th grade, though it had come to seem he’d been at the Academy just as long as his peers.

On graduation day those who were there heard the many things our faculty & staff will remember about this special class. But we haven’t yet heard from our graduates themselves.

In the following we hear from Madison, Mason, Gage and Noah. In their own words they tell us what they’ll remember from their time at Whitefish Christian Academy.

Q: When you look back at your early years at WCA, what are some of the memories that come to mind?

Madison: Ever since I’ve been at WCA, the classes have been really close. I’ve made so many good friends here. In the early years, I remember the older students being so kind to me. Lately, it’s been my turn to be a friend to the little ones. The mixed recesses really help us feel like one big community. I’ll always remember that part of WCA.

Mason: I remember the kind and caring Mrs. Morrison. In her class we sang and danced and had good fun. Those early years were special for me because I grew up in an especially loving and supportive community of teachers and friends.

Gage: Even in the younger years, the academics were challenging. But that was good for us. While class was hard, we still had a lot of fun. I’m the youngest in my family, and I remember being able to see and spend time with my older siblings at school, which is a unique part of WCA.

Noah: Since I began in 6th grade, things were hard for me at the start. Everything was so new and demanding. But I remember it positively, because my teachers were caring and made me feel comfortable despite those challenges. I remember writing my first really good essay on a hard book, Sir Gawain & The Green Knight, and the great feeling that came with that.


Q: What will you remember from your more recent years here at the Academy?

Madison: I’ll remember how much we learned in all our subjects – Humanities, Latin, Math, Science, etc. In those classes I’ve grown and pushed myself. I’ll remember those mixed recesses, too, being able to spend time with friends from many grades. It’s special here because everyone gets along. And, I’ll miss seeing my mom at school. But I’ll come back to visit – definitely.

Mason: We had small classes, great teachers and challenging academics. I’ll especially remember the comprehensiveness of my classes – Math, Science, Latin – all of them. Our classes were rigorous yet really enjoyable at the same time.

Gage: I learned so many things you can only learn here. We learned Latin, Logic, Bible and in Humanities we read the Classics.

Noah: What I’ll remember is that, because there were smaller classes, I could focus on making deeper friendships. To me, it was actually a better thing that classes were small. I’ll miss that.

Q: Where will you attend school next year?

Madison: Whitefish High School

Mason: Whitefish High School

Gage: Whitefish High School

Noah: Whitefish High School

Q: In what ways has an WCA education prepared you well for your next and future steps?

Madison: I’m well prepared academically. The WCA teachers have been challenging but eager to help. I’ll really miss this community of mentors and friends.

Mason: I’m grateful because I feel well prepared to do most anything, whether in work or in life in general. I’m most grateful for Humanities; learning from the past has made me someone who asks a lot of questions and who seeks convincing answers. I feel well prepared because I’ve learned to learn things from many different angles and approaches.

Gage: My WCA education has helped me develop good habits and a right mindset toward learning. My writing skills have also benefited from my time here. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn under great, fun teachers and to learn alongside close friends in an environment that welcomed tough questions and meaningful answers.

Noah: Our classes here have simply been harder, so what comes next will seem easy, I think. The education here has put me ahead.


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