Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is designed to show our support for the teachers and staff at the Academy. There are wonderful opportunities to serve our school and students while meeting our volunteer requirements. We meet only four times per year and have developed fun events to encourage and accommodate our parent volunteers.

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20-21' PTF Meet and Greet
Sep 17, 8:45 AM – 9:50 AM
Whitefish, MT

PTF has given us the opportunity to be more a part of our daughter's classroom throughout the year. We've really enjoyed getting to know the other students and faculty during our time at the school. Volunteering is something we both really enjoy and our daughter loves when we come to help her classroom.

Brooks Family

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Serve your teachers and children throughout the year!

Join our 2020-2021 Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) team!

Choose to be a ​ROOM PARENT​ or a ​PARTY PLANNER

This is a fun way to get involved, be creative, and make a positive impact on your child’s year. It’s also a great way to meet your required fifteen (15) service hours.

ROOM PARENT​: Coordinates the following events with classroom parents.

PTF Meeting Attendance: ​We ask that you attend all PTF meetings (four meetings total). These will be scheduled quarterly and are important for communication with the PTF board and organization of the school year. If you are unable to attend, please ask your class-party parent or another parent. ​These will be FUN this year, scheduled around an organized activity and meal, and a great way to meet fellow parents at WCA!

Wednesday Lounge​:​ Last Wednesday of the month one or two parents will cover the classroom allowing for the teacher to have lunch with their peers. Room parents coordinate this coverage with class parents using Sign-Up Genius. Time to be determined by your teacher.

Teachers’ Lounge:​ Once a year, each class is asked to coordinate a lunch for the teaching staff. This can be split up between families...drinks, sandwiches, chips, salad, and dessert. Lunch should be laid out by 11:45am. Set up for approximately 35 people. $50 will be provided by the PTF for each class to help in the total cost.

Service Baskets: ​Coordinate with your teacher and put together a basket of snacks for assigned community workers in April.

PARTY PLANNER​: Coordinates the following events with classroom parents.

Holiday Feasts/Celebrations:

 Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine Feasts, etc. will be celebrated in the classrooms. Coordinate with your ​teacher​ about the plans and solicit help from the classroom parents.

Teacher Birthday:​ Send out an email reminder to parents when your teacher has her/his birthday and again, during teacher appreciation week to help your teacher feel loved and appreciated.

Thank you for helping all of our awesome teachers feel loved and appreciated!



We are here to help!

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