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Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) seeks to provide our families meaningful ways to serve our Academy community. We hope you'll join us.

Here is some important PTF info:

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*At the Academy our families are asked to volunteer 10 hours. 

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF): Academics
Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF): Quote

PTF has given us the opportunity to be part of our daughter's classroom throughout the year. We've (my husband and I) really enjoy getting to know the other students and faculty during our time at school. Volunteering is something we both really enjoy and our daughter loves when we come to help her classroom.

Brooks Family

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Service Opportunites

Join our 2023-2024 Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) team! 

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) 

Room and Party Parent Responsibilities



ROOM PARENTS fulfill the following responsibilities:


Class Ambassador: Coordinates communication between PTF, teacher, and other class parents. You will receive directions (and email templates) from the Room Parent Coordinators. During the year reminders about events and information will be communicated via email from PTF.  Room parents should communicate with their class parents any relevant information. 


Wednesday Classroom Lunch Coverage:  On the last Wednesday of the month, one or two parents will supervise your student's classroom lunch, allowing teachers a lunch break outside of their classroom. Room parents coordinate this coverage at the beginning of the school year using Sign-Up Genius—time to be determined by your teacher.  Additional lunch coverage opportunities depend on volunteers and with the teacher's approval.  Please advise parents to share this opportunity. 


Teachers’ Lunch Sponsorship: Each class is asked to coordinate and provide lunch for the teachers and staff once a year. Lunch is presented in the Teacher’s Lounge by 11:45 a.m. Total attendance is approximately 30 teachers/staff. $50 will be provided by the PTF, per class, to help minimize costs. Please see the PTF Calendar for assigned dates, based on grade levels.


Service Baskets or Service Project: Coordinates with the class teacher to organize a service project with the students.


Teacher Appreciation Week: Send email reminders to your class to encourage parents and students to show love and appreciation to their beloved teachers.


PARTY PLANNERS coordinate the following events. All parties need the approval of the classroom teacher.


Holiday Feasts/Celebrations: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Feasts, etc. are celebrated in the classrooms. Coordinate the festivities with your teacher and galvanize classroom parents to help.


Teacher and Designated Staff Member Birthdays:  Send email reminders when your teacher and designated staff member have her/his birthday.  Info and gift ideas are included in your class packet.

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF): Text


We are here to help!

Katy Krezowski (President/Treasurer)


​Jessica Burks/Katie Dickson  (VP)​


​Annie Hall (Secretary)

Audrey Duffey/Kelsey Brothers (Volunteer Coordinator)


Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF): Text
Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF): Text
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