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A Day In The Life of Pre-K

Admittedly our title is already misleading: There are no typical days in Pre-K. There are some constants, though. Or as Mrs. Morrison puts it: “Everyday we have lots of fun – we sing, we move, and we learn.”

All of that singing, moving and learning are towards exciting objectives, too. Each day, each week – and really, each year – is geared towards goals such as these:

· To identify and write the alphabet and numbers

· To contribute to a community

· To be a good friend

· To put others before ourselves

· To absorb and live God-centered truths

You likely noticed that none of those goals are actually easy, per se. In fact, they’re all hard. Yet Mrs. Morrison loves teaching our little ones towards those ends, and for those who know her well or have had a child in her class, you know she’s quite good too.

Mrs. Morrison has taught Pre-K at WCA for 18 years. She says this about her storied classroom experience:

“Every child is a unique creation of God, and I (still) love figuring out just what it is that each student needs to reach his or her full potential.”

She continues:

“It’s a blessing to help these little students grow into responsible, competent learners who have a love for school, for learning itself, and most of all, for Jesus, who made and cherishes them. In my class it’s my hope that they know they’re each loved, safe, and accepted.”

And while Mrs. Morrison has given so much to our smallest students at WCA, she doesn’t see it as a one-sided relationship. She says this:

“I have learned so much and continue to learn every day I am with these precious little ones. Only watch – see their joy in new, daily discoveries; their quick and unconditional love for their peers; how they rejoice with those around them; how they comfort those in need; and how they trust in Jesus and sing His praises with a whole and happy heart.”

If we were to spend a day, a week – or better, a year – in Mrs. Morrison’s class, wouldn’t we all learn a thing or two?


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