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The academy students are taught the meaning of respect, integrity, honesty, and responsibility in relationship to themselves, their class, and their community.

Our students are expected to be respectful to peers and adults, to follow the biblical principles of problem solving, to respectfully and logically debate their thoughts and ideas, to be kind to one another; and to treat others the way in which they would like to be treated.

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Blystone Family

The faculty have such high standards for education and social excellence we know our daughter is getting the foundation she needs to excel in life and work. We are so grateful she is experiencing such a rigorous curriculum in such a nurturing environment. Every day we see her strive for excellence, have a kindhearted spirit, and respect her classmates and teachers. Click here to read the full testimonial.

Hall Family

We believe that a high quality education is critical for our children to excel and be successful in life and work. We are thankful that such an exceptional educational opportunity is available in our community and would strongly recommend it to anyone who has similar Christian and educational values. Click here to ready the full testimonial.

Edson Family

After observing several classrooms and grade levels at the academy, we were blown away at the level of critical thinking that was happening, even in the lower-level grades. We knew we wanted our daughter to be in a more challenging learning environment and a place where parents and teachers share the common interest of fostering empathy, kindness and respect in our children. Click here to read the full testimonial.

Brooks Family

We are so grateful for the values and character traits our daughter has developed while attending the Whitefish Christian Academy. Not only is she building an exceptional foundation for approaching life each day, her educational growth continues to surprise us every week.

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Beauty of the Arts

Art and Music Programs

One of the goals of classical education is to refine the ear by music and the eye by visual art. Socrates teaches us that the ear and eye can be damaged by the wrong kinds of music and art, but the right kind of music and art can attune the ear to, and focus the eye upon, Beauty. As a classical school, we emphasize the contemplation of Beauty through classical works of music and art by studying the great composers, artists, and sculptors of Western History.

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