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A Letter from Mrs. Erickson, Head of School

Dear Whitefish Christian Academy Families,

It is hard to believe that another school year is behind us. As I reflect, there are certain school-wide achievements that come particularly to mind. I’d like to share some of those achievements with you now.

On the first day of school, we introduced our year’s theme: The Seven Virtues: Faith, hope, love, fortitude, justice, wisdom, and temperance. This theme was brought to life with school-wide bible verses and chants, and weekly recognitions of those children who demonstrated the virtue at-hand. Our students daily rose to the challenge; they memorized the bible verses, and what’s more, they made it a priority to order their affections and align their actions with each of those virtues. In turn, our classrooms, hallways and playground reflected a sense of peace and joy that I won’t soon forget.

Our students also applied those seven virtues beyond school walls - to their athletic pursuits - and it paid off! Our athletics teams demonstrated great fortitude and temperance, which resulted in several remarkable seasons. Our Boys Basketball Team took home two first place trophies, while our Girls took home a 2nd place trophy. Our Volleyball Girls also made a solid run in their respective playoff, and the WCA Cross Country Team, composed of runners spanning grades K-8, earned numerous top-place finishes. Given our small school size, such results are especially noteworthy.

At the end of the year, we sent both our 8th and 6th graders on class trips. Our 8th graders had the unique opportunity to visit Washington D.C., where they toured the White House, Arlington National Cemetery and the Cannon Building, among other important national sites. They made the most of their trip! Then, our 6th graders enjoyed a smaller-scale trip across Montana, on which they made many stops at historical locations between Whitefish and Bozeman. We are thankful to the parents, teachers, and donors who made these experiences possible for our students!

Lastly, goals and plans for the future of WCA were released in our strategic plan, which you may find on our website. This plan features eight key areas of focus, each which will propel the school forward and ensure successful and sustainable growth over the next three years and beyond. Our board and administration will be working diligently over the summer to ensure that we are on track to meet the objectives and benchmarks within the strategic plan.

From our first day in September to our last day in June, it was a formative and productive year full of many blessings. I am thankful to each of our WCA students and their families, and I pray you all have a lovely and relaxing summer!


Rachel Erickson


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